Aromatherapy works partly through our sense of smell. We actually do not smell with our noses, we smell with our brains, hence a direct effect on our moods. As a leading neurologist explains, smell has the greatest impact on human emotions.

  • Essential oils can affect the mood, alleviate fatigue, reduce anxiety and stress, promote relaxation, calm, soothe, improve mental clarity, suppress your appetite, energize and so on...when inhaled!
  • Did you know that natural essential oils have very powerful air purifying, odor eliminating and deodorizing properties! They can be effective in eating up odors from cooking, mold, mildew, airborne microorganisms, and other everyday pollutants that enter the home. Many essential oils contain antiseptic, antibacterial, anti– microbial properties, and can even help prevent and refreshing the air naturally!

Imagine using natural scents to stimulate creativity, ease headaches, calm nerves – and so on... Well...natural fragrances can do just that.

As essential oils are concentrated, they are very powerful. One should never use essential oils without knowing the recommended concentrations and the individual properties of each and without the guidance of a qualified professional. Never apply essential oils directly to the skin, except when specifically formulated to do so. Pregnant women should also use caution with essential oils.